C,  Gas Turbine

Combustion Turbine

A type of internal combustion engine that has an upstream rotating compressor coupled to a downstream power recovery turbine with a combustion chamber in between. Energy is added to the gas stream in the combustor, where fuel is mixed with air and ignited. In the high-pressure environment of the combustor, combustion of the fuel increases the temperature of the gas mixture. The combustion products are then forced into the turbine section where the high velocity and mass flow are directed through a nozzle in front of the turbine’s blades, creating torque and causing the turbine rotor to spin. About two-thirds of the horsepower recovered in the power turbine section powers the compressor. The excess power can generate power to drive a pump or compressor. The energy given up to the turbine comes from the reduction in the temperature and pressure of the exhaust gas.

Also known as Gas Turbine.

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