Lubrication,  O

Oil Mist Lubrication

A type of lubrication that uses oil particles from 1.0 to 3.0 µm suspended in an air current, consisting of 1 part oil to 200,000 parts air. This mixture is not a volatile organic compound; therefore, there is no risk of explosion or combustion. There are two main oil mist applications:

1. Pure Mist, also known as dry mist or dry sump lubrication, is recommended to lubricate rotating equipment.

2. Purge Mist can be used for preservation on both equipment in operation or in storage. In the former case, when applied to the bearing housings or gearboxes of dynamic equipment, preservation is achieved by creating a slightly positive pressure within the gearbox or bearing housing over the oil level, which prevents the ingress of contaminants. On stored equipment, it not only prevents external contaminants from entering, but also provides some protection against false brinelling.

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